Selling Spas, Fountains, and Waterfalls!

Selling Spas, Fountains, and Waterfalls!
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Category: Service Industry Opportunities | Landscaping Series

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Selling Spas, Fountains, and Waterfalls!
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Selling Spas, Fountains, and Waterfalls!
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Selling Spas, Fountains, and Waterfalls!
The Business Plan for Your Hot Tub Company
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Author: Lynn Thompson and Paul Franco
Published: © 2014 – Third Edition
Total Pages: One hundred thirty seven (137) pages with Index
Download File Size: 1.15MB
Download File System Requirements: Adobe Reader 9.0 or newer
Some of the Features of this Book:
  • How to start and manage your business.
  • How to develop new customers and accounts for your business.
  • This fully illustrated, step-by-step instruction book will help you in selling, installing or building several different spa and hot tub products.
  • Step-by-step instructions that tells you how to install a spa, disinfect a spa, maintain balanced water, test spa water, maintain filters, perform leak detection, install a waterfall, install pumps and filters for a waterfall with fish, plant protection, install a fountain, install and build a hot tub gazebo and much more.
  • How to sell and design any type of hot tub, waterfall or fountain.
  • Professional designs for your waterfalls and fountains.
  • How to determine the products and services that you will provide in the operation of your business.
  • The licenses, regulations and permits that you will need to operate your business.
  • How to analyze the competition to determine the best way to compete in your market area.
  • How much to charge for your services and how to determine the pricing structures that you should utilize.
  • How pricing can affect your business.
  • How to devise your marketing plan and advertising budgets.
  • Links to local and government websites to assist you in the start-up and ongoing management of your business.
Promotional Details: Starting a successful business does not happen by accident. This book will show you to carefully plan to start your business. Then the book will explain how to manage your business on a day to day basis with information about market analysis and planning, advertising, employee records and training, accounting and bookkeeping, determining your target market, how to analyze the competition, and much more. Start your business today, the right way!
Download Information: When you purchase your copy of the Selling Spas, Fountains, and Waterfalls, you can immediately download the book to your computer for immediate access. The file will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader as a PDF file. Simply open the file, save it to your computer and start your own business today! 
I have been building greenhouses for some time now and I have to say this is a great book for helping start up my own greenhouse business. J. Beebe, Burgettstown, PA
Your customer service group was a great help in helping me locate the book I needed to start up my own greenhouse business.  K. Notte, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada
Thank you for all of your help. This was a great product. J. Grimshaw, Orem, UT
We started in business following the instructions in the book five months ago and we are building an average of eight greenhouses per month. Big ones too! With the add-on products, like sheds, we have been keeping the lumber yard busier than they have ever been and business is only getting better. Thanks! S. Roberts, Albuquerque, NM


eBook - Download Instantly
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