Making Money Selling and Installing Patio Decks!

Making Money Selling and Installing Patio Decks!
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Making Money Selling and Installing Patio Decks!
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Making Money Selling and Installing Patio Decks!
The Business Plan for Your Patio Deck Company
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Author: Dennis Caballero
Published: © 2014 – Third Edition
Total Pages: One hundred twenty three (123) pages
Download File Size: 2.73MB
Download File System Requirements: Adobe Reader 9.0 or newer
Some of the Features of this Book:
  • This fully illustrated, step-by-step instruction book will help you in selling, installing or building several different products ranging from decks, gazebos, arbors, sun rooms, screened enclosures, outdoor furniture, patio heaters and much more.
  • How to develop new customers and accounts for your business.
  • How do design award winning patio decks.
  • How to build your patio decks; do it right and do it fast.
  • How to immediately expand your business with contract labor.
  • How to determine the products and services that you will provide in the operation of your business.
  • The licenses, regulations and permits that you will need to operate your business.
  • Links to local and government websites to assist you in the start-up and ongoing management of your business.
Promotional Details: Starting a successful deck company business does not happen by accident. This book will show you to carefully plan to start your business. Then the book will explain how to manage your business on a day to day basis with information about market analysis and planning, advertising, employee records and training, accounting and bookkeeping, determining your target market, how to analyze the competition, and much more. Start your business today, the right way!
Download Information: When you purchase your copy of the Making Money Selling and Installing Patio Decks, you can immediately download the book to your computer for immediate access. The file will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader as a PDF file. Simply open the file, save it to your computer and start your own business today!
The information in this book really helped me get my patio business off the ground. Thank you for your help. J. Thompson, Germantown, MD
After being in the building patio business for quite some time, I needed help in the overall business aspect. This book provided me with the all the information I needed to get my own patio business off the ground. This is a great product to buy if you do not know how to get the business going.  F. Trigg, Houston, TX
Thank you for all the information you gave me. Great help from your customer service department. H. Holliday, Chantilly, VA
I actually bought the book to learn how to build my own deck. Your step by step instructions were so easy and it turned out great. Two of my friends asked me to build them one, so I did. Now, I have a very successful part time business. You did a great job on the book! B.L. Keane, St. Louis, MO


eBook - Download Instantly
Printed Copy - Ships in 2 Business Days
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