Start a Business Training Program

Start a Business Training Program
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Category: Business Development


Publisher: Professional Business Learning & Training Institute
Administered By: Start Your Business

Published: ©2019 Fourth Edition
Training Program Includes: Start a Business Training Program, two (2) support books (New Customer Development Program and How To Start Your Own Business), customized Business Plan for Small Business with software, additional software with forms and letters, live and recorded webinar training sessions and LIVE support during and after training.
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With This Training Program, You Will:

Assess the feasibility of your business venture through a series of self examinations and case studies.

Take a complete entrepreneur exam with checklist to make sure that you are ready to start the business.

Complete a study of your own strengths, weakness and possible corrective action to remedy problems before they occur.

Complete a study of success possibilities and how to improve your chances of success.

Complete a list of questions you should ask yourself before starting a business.

Complete a preliminary analysis of considerations including project requirements, potential flaws, desired income, supply, expenses and much more.

Learn the personal qualities of successful entrepreneurs and how to apply these to yourself and your business.

Learn tips for starting a home based business and learn the pros and cons of operating a home based business.

Determine a business structure.

Learn about legalities, licensing and permits related to your business venture.

Learn how to complete the business plan which is included with your training materials.  This eleven (11) step business plan is very user friendly and prepared with the ProBP business plan solution.

Learn business management strategy related to pricing, locations and managing the workplace.

Learn how to conduct your human resource needs related to hiring people and outsourcing work.

Learn how to develop and implement marketing and promotional strategies.

Learn from an in-depth study of the financial considerations to starting the business from a funding position.

Learn about the key considerations about setting prices.

Learn how to develop new accounts and customers by implementing a New Customer Development Program, which is included in the training materials.

Have on hand a large amount of resource material and government links important to you and your business.

Available as hard copy workbooks, on CD-ROM or can be downloaded.

And much more.

Promotional Details:  Are you ready to start a new business?  This training program takes you through the process of determining if your idea is feasible and can really be successful to the actual startup and management process.  Support is available for you through and  Call them toll free at 866-900-7887 for more information.
Download Information: You can purchase and immediately download the training program and business plan. 

"SBTP was an incredible experience.  I had thought and talked about starting my own business for years.  This course and the after training support are fantastic.  Anyone starting a business for the first time should invest in this training."  Cathy - San Antonio, TX - New Service Industry Business Owner

"This course is all you need to pull together all of the different parts of starting a business.  I'm glad that I went to the seminar before training to find out more about it.  The after training support is really the key to my success."  Clark - Houston, TX - New Auto Service Industry Business Owner

"The seminar is where I got the details and made my decision to register for the SBTP course.  This training really prepared me for starting my business.  I hate to think what might have happened if I started the business without this training."  Grace - Ft. Worth, TX - New Retail & Online Business Owner

"I took the SBTP course after my business partner finished the course.  You should take advantage of the informational seminar to meet the instructors and register all the members of your business team."  Lamont - Austin, TX - New Professional Industry Business Owner

"SBTP is the best investment you can make in starting your new business.  Don't spend a dime on anything until you have finished this course."  Susan - Houston, TX – New Service Industry Business Owner



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